Each TACK-TILES® Braille Systems set is packaged in a durable, high-impact, plastic brief-case sized valise.

All sets are priced equally.

Each set consists of 320 TACK-TILES®. Literary Braille sets (English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian) have five each of every possible Braille code combination (63 are possible), and five TACK-TILES® with completely blank surfaces.

Non-literary sets, such as Nemeth mathematics, music notation and computer Braille code also have 320 TACK-TILES® in an assortment designed to assure adequate supplies of characters most important to most lesson plans.

TACK-TILES® are printed on the forward vertical surface with that Braille character's most commonly used visual code(s). The TACK TILE® with dots 1,4 is labelled [ c/3 ] for instance; those bearing dots 3,4,5,6 are marked [number sign / ble ]; those with dots 2,5,6 present are labelled [ dd/dis /.] and so forth.

Each starter set also contains eight slates, four each of two sizes. Four are approximately five inches by seven inches, four are approximately ten by fourteen inches. The smaller slates accept four rows of ten TACK-TILES® the larger slates accept eight rows of twenty TACK-TILES®.

TACK-TILES® are fixed to slates with spaces between the characters and lines between the rows. If lesson plans require, boards and pieces available on store shelves can be integrated.

TACK-TILES® are inter-changeable with Lego®-style blocks.

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