Blown-up image of one Tack-Tile® affixed to a section of slate

A Tack-Tile® is interchangeable with any of the LEGO® -type blocks on the market.

When I bought my first MAC 128 computer back in 1984, it was magical! The thing allowed me to mix my own text and graphics on the screen, then print them out. (I know -- sounds pedestrian by today's standards). Anyway, it was more magical by far when teaching Kevin that year I did the same --in three dimensions -- with hand-fashioned Tack-Tiles® and his own LEGO® -type blocks.

Tack-Tiles® slates accept LEGO-type blocks; boards bought at toy stores accept Tack-Tiles® , yet differences exist. Tack-Tiles® slates are heavier and have receptor sites spaced like letters and lines of text. The receptors are rounded making placement of Tack-Tiles® easy even for many with fine and gross motor control problems. Tack-Tiles® may be pushed on with whatever force is available. There's really no problem with too much or too little. Their tendency is to stay put even when simply lain in place.

Two hand tracking practice using the slates alone is comfortable -- like reading a large field of "for" signs.

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