TACK-TILES®: A first lesson — same/different and beyond

Materials needed: TACK-TILES® Braille Systems literary code version. Pre-Brailled paper

Setup: Use a large TACK-TILES® support slate. Construct a row across the slate using twenty five and six dot TACK-TILES®. Remove one to three TACK-TILES® at random and replace these with letter "a" TACK-TILES®. Using a brailler, Braille printer, or slate and stylus create rows of twenty Braille signs on a sheet of paper. The top rows should consist of only "for" signs with "a's" interspersed.

Skills targeted: Tactile sensitivity, same and different. Braille code.

Procedure: Using as much proper Braille procedure as can be applied have the student locate and count the letter "a" TACK-TILES® as the number and positions change. When confidence shows its face do the same on paper. Modify the procedure as needed. Much further along in the series of exercises, determine: can the finger pad distinguish letters "g" among the "for" signs? Even further: can the finger pads distinguish and identify letter "g" with dots one, or two, or three or four — or any combination of these missing? Further on: can the finger pads fell and identify the addition of dot three? Therein in lies most of grade one Braille code.

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