TACK-TILES® Cryptogram

Materials needed: TACK-TILES® Braille Systems literary version.

Skills targeted: Problem solving, spelling, Braille reading and writing.

Setup: Write the alphabet on a piece of paper choose any letter, "t," for instance. Below "t" write "a." Write "b" below "u," "c" below "v" etc. After you write the letter "g" below "z," the letter "h" must be written below "a"; "i" below ""b" etc. until the alphabet is used up. The lower letters form the cryptographic code.

Write a message on paper to the student. Write that message again using TACK-TILES®, but substitute the code letter in place of the message letter.

Procedure: Have the student de-code the message. If this is a very young or easily frustrated student you may want to simplify so as not to set a vulnerable ego up for failure. After substituting "b" for "a," etc. you may wish to tell the student that is the key to the code. The student can then place the correct TACK-TILES® on top of each occurrence of the code TACK- TILES®, then when finished he or she may read the decoded message. The complexity of the code and the number and nature of clues is at the teacher's discretion. Very complex cryptograms can be done for those willing to study the art of deciphering.


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