TACK-TILES® Go Fish Game. (2 to 4 players)

Materials needed: TACK-TILES® Braille Systems, Literary English version.

Setup procedure: Provide each player with a TACK-TILES® palm support slate. The instructor should gather 4 TACK-TILES® each of any 12 alphabet characters, to simulate a deck of cards. These tiles should then be placed in the center of the table inverted, so that the dot patterns are hidden from the players. Each student then selects seven tiles from this "draw" pile in the center, and places them along the top row of the TACK-TILES® palm support slate, to make a "hand."

Play procedure: The object of the game is to be the first player with only matched pairs of braille letters. Each player should first examine the seven tiles in the top row of his/her slate. If there are any pairs of identical characters, the two tiles should be moved to the last row of the slate. Players will now take turns. Player 1 asks any other player if he/she has any of a particular letter. in their hand. If so, they must give the tile to player 1. If not, player 1 must then "go fish," drawing a tile from the center. If player 1 obtains the requested letter, either from a player or the draw pile, he/she takes another turn. Any pairs that are created during the turn should be moved to the last row of the slate. The next player repeats the sequence. The game ends when one player has no TACK-TILES® in the top row of his/her slate, thus winning the game.

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