TACK-TILES® Grade 1 to Grade 2 conversion practice

Required Materials: TACK-TILES® Braille System Literary English version.

Setup Procedure: Using TACK-TILES®, write a sentence or perhaps just a word in the top row of a TACK-TILES® support slate, in grade 1 braille. It should be a word or sentence with words that can be rewritten using grade 2 braille.

Procedure: The students are given the slate with the grade 1 word "about" alone or in a sentence. In one method, TACK-TILES® are removed, moved and replaced to convert the word(s) into grade 2 Braille.. In a second method, the word or sentence is re-written below the original in grade 2 Braille. This latter method provides a more sanguine demonstration of the efficiencies grade 2 imparts to writing. Continuing with the previous example, they would be expected to replace the "o" and "u" tiles with the "ou/out" tile.

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