TACK-TILES® Nameplate

Materials needed: TACK-TILES® Braille Systems Literary English version, Modeling dough.

Skills targeted: Braille code, memory, slate & stylus

Setup: On a TACK-TILES® palm support slate, write the student's name in TACK-TILES®. Spread out the modeling dough into a flat-topped rectangle, at least one inch by as long as the name written in TACK-TILES®.

Procedure: One advantage of TACK-TILES® is that a child will be able to "write" his or her own name at the same time sighted peers are learning to print theirs. If the student can construct his/her own name with TACK-TILES® this is what should be done. Otherwise much can be learned even if the teacher constructs the name. Turn the TACK-TILES® palm support slate over and press the TACK-TILES® dots into the modeling dough. When you remove the TACK- TILES® from the dough, the student can explore the indentations, compare them to the raised dots, and gain some understanding of how writing with a slate & stylus will work.

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