TACK-TILES® Teaching number positions and practice

Materials needed: TACK-TILES® Braille System - literary or Nemeth version

Procedure: This is a wonderfully simple demonstration. I first heard it to be used by a teacher in the U.K. The teacher was working with a very young child and wanted to convey the idea of how a number changes its value as it moves from the units column to the tens column, hundreds column, etc., She first showed this laterally, raising the value of digits to the left by placing additional digits to the right as we might on paper. To reinforce the concept, the teacher then stacked the left most TACK-TILE® on top of the one to its immediate right giving that left most vertical stature to complement its numeric upgrade. She then placed the stack of two atop the next TACK-TILE® to the right bringing the original digit even higher in vertical and numerical stature. Simple, tactile, illustrative, ingenious.

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