TACK-TILES® Patterns.

Materials needed: TACK-TILES® Braille Systems, any Braille code version.

Skills targeted: Braille code, memory

Setup: Construct rows of TT on a large support slate while including in these rows repetitions of the same pattern of three Braille signs. Braille a piece of paper with the same patterns, not necessarily in the same relative locations.

Procedure: Have the student examine the TACK-TILES® al long and as deliberately as needed to discover the repeated pattern. Have the student identify the row, the pattern and the number of repetitions per row (if any). Then have the student, using the best Braille technique at hand do the same on the paper. While the student works on paper the teacher rebuilds the TACK-TILES® support slate.

In an advanced application with a student who needs challenge, the pattern might be: "in," "in," an ever changing random Braille character followed by "en." As long as the student already understands or can easily seize understanding that the pattern is subject to random interruption while still maintaining integrity this is a fair challenging lesson to teach.

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