TACK-TILES® Word find

Materials needed: TACK-TILES® Braille Systems literary Braille code version.

Skills targeted: Braille code, memory, problem solving, spelling

Setup: Using a large TACK-TILES® support slate arrange several words in random places. Depending on the skill level of the student, you may choose to write some vertically or diagonally, even diagonally and backwards if it's been a bad day at the office. Fill in the empty spaces until a rectangle has been built. This old standard is made immeasurably more interesting in Braille because grade two symbols are position reliant.

Procedure: Have the student find the words. A list of the words to be found is a nice touch, but ..., if it's been a really BAD day at the office, then nice touches can be dispensed with. As each word is discovered, the student should "Braille emboss" his find by stacking an identical TACK-TILE® onto each letter of the word that's been found. This allows triumph over finds yet leaves intersecting words to maintain their spelling and integrity.

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