TACK-TILES® letter substitution / word change.

Materials needed: TACK-TILES® Braille Systems English Braille code version.

Skills targeted: Braille code, memory, problem solving, Braille reading, writing, grammar, spelling, word structure, rhyming.

Setup: On a TACK-TILES® palm support slate, write a word with TACK-TILES® that easily changes with a single letter substitution (i.e. "cat")

Procedure: Write cat on a support slate with TACK-TILES®. Involving the student to the greatest possible degree, remove and replace letters so that "cat" becomes "rat," "hat," "hot," "not," "net," pet," "pen," etc. This activity delivers to the VI child the same amazement at the plasticity of word forms that sighted children have been given for centuries.

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