Materials needed: TACK-TILES® Braille Systems literary Braille version.

Optional Materials, (if gore will speed the learning process): Many manufactures can supply an inexpensive "action figure," charming little humanoid figures with hands, heads, arms, legs that can be disarticulated then reassembled for the next game.

Skills targeted: Braille code, memory, problem solving, spelling, social interaction.

Setup: Player 1 chooses a word, phrase or sentence. Using a large TACK-TILES® support slate, player 1 places a "capital" sign to mark the beginning, then exactly enough spaces are left to accept the letters of his chosen word phrase or sentence. Blank TACK-TILES® mark spaces between words and a full stop, or period marks the end of the spaces needed for missing text. A TACK-TILES® palm slate is loaded with a row of TACK-TILES® to represent head, left arm, right arm, left leg, etc. However complex the need is. If the game is dismemberment rather than a hanging, the figure will replace the palm slate.

Procedure: Player two guesses letters one at a time. If player 2 guesses a letter from the missing text, player 1 fits the appropriate TACK-TILES® into all the places in the text where that letter resides. If player 2 guesses a letter that is not in the text, a TACK- TILES® is placed beneath the first TACK-TILES® on the palm slate, or a lovely toy, a surrogate for player 2 loses an appendage. Player two continues to guess letters until he or she is prepared to guess the missing word, phrase or sentence. Player 2 may wins if he identifies the text correctly before no more carnage is practical, or before the two rows of TACK-TILES® are the same length. The availability of contracted Braille for use in this contest adds dimensions more interesting than print could.

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