The TACK-TILES® Braille Systems Calendar Kit is a new twist on TACK-TILES®. It uses conventional Braille, normally sized. It has both print and Braille, so it is usable by the sighted and the visually impaired. The magnetically backed support slates measure 9 and 5/8 inches by 7 and 3/16 inches (24.5 cm. by 18 cm.). These may be used on the plane of a desk or they may be hung on a perpendicular metal surface like a file cabinet.

Each support holds ten rows of eight columns. Top row: month name spelled out. ("September" takes up nine of my eight rows. This singular month uses the grade two contraction "er".) Row two is left empty. Row three: seven weekdays. Row four is left blank. The six remaining rows allow a complete layout of dates. Two supports and all necessary parts are supplied so that two months may be displayed at a time, allowing for learning in concept of month-to-month transitions and comparisons. The upper right hand corner of each tile is radiused for proper Braille orientation.

Months begin dot 6, dot 6, letter, followed by single cell Braille letter tiles. Days are marked "Letter sign,"dot 6, and a one letter abbreviation, except "Sa," Su," Tu," and "Th." Each date reads, "number sign, number." Seven full cell TACK-TILES® are included. When placed under one or a series of date tiles, that, or those, special dates protrude above the others.


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