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Tack-Tiles® are about teaching, learning, exploring, enjoying Braille. They exist to provide a unique bridge, a smoother, shorter, more interesting path to Braille literacy; they differ from Lego® style blocks in four minor but very important ways:

First, the large, flat surface of each Tack-Tile® has bumps the same diameter as Lego® style blocks, but only as many and positioned as needed by the particular Braille character. Needless to say, a very large Braille character.

Second, the bumps are dome-shaped as opposed to flat.

Third, the upper left-hand corner of each Tack-Tile® is rounded to identify its proper, upright, position. The remaining three corners are squared.

Fourth, on the front-most vertical surface the print version of the Braille code is affixed. Dots two, five, six, for instance is marked "dd / dis / ." The entire braille code is not there, of course. Space is limited, but much of the grade one and two code is there.

Beyond that, Tack-Tiles® Braille Systems are completely interchangeable with off the shelf, Lego® style blocks. Tack-Tiles®are brightly colored in red, blue yellow and white. The slates are black and beige.

Tack-Tiles® are used with unique slates (four 5"x 7", and four 10"x15"are included) to create words, sentences, paragraphs, games. The large slates accept eight rows of twenty characters. The smaller accept four lines of ten. Tactile lines separate the vertical rows, a small space separates each character from its neighbor.

The systems were designed by a parent desperate to create a path smooth enough for himself and his severely disabled son to travel. Children, adults, seniors, student Braille instructors, professors, classroom teachers, siblings , classmates, visually impaired parents of sighted children, and many others have already discovered Tack-Tiles® Braille Systems to be an exceptional aid to learning, teaching, communicating, and enjoying this magnificent, poetic, language.

We now stock sets in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian literary Braille, as well as Nemeth Braille code for mathematics, computer Braille code, and Braille code for music notation.

My graphics page next has a link to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader®. I cannot vouch for the accessability of Adobe®'s site. This reader is used to accomplish my primary purpose, to provide a download of our latest print and graphic brochure in PDF format. Links are immediately below if you are interested. Write or call if you desire a hard copy of a print or Braille brochure.

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You can now place orders by credit card via a secure server on-line. Pricing and ordering information have been added to the "How to Order" page at the link below.

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The graphics page has several image based appendages.


First: A line of hyperlinked text reads: "Click here for a better look at a single TACK-TILE®." This loads an image of one large bright yellow TACK-TILE® with dots 2,5,6. Some of the detail of the support slate it's mounted on is visible. The drawing is marked with arrows pointing out the rounded upper left corner, and the indicia [dd/dis/.] printed on the bottom vertical surface. Text and arrows report the dimensions of the TACK-TILE®to be Approximately 0.936 inches -- 2.37 centimeters long; 0.625 inches -- 1.58 centimeters wide, and 0.375 inches -- 0.95 centimeters high. Four paragraphs of text surround this image describing it as follows:


"A Tack-Tile® is interchangeable with any of the LEGO® -type blocks on the market. When I bought my first MAC 128 computer back in 1984, it was magical! The thing allowed me to mix my own text and graphics on the screen, then print them out. (I know -- sounds pedestrian by today's standards). Anyway, it was more magical by far when teaching Kevin that year I did the same --in three dimensions -- with hand-fashioned Tack-Tiles®. Tack-Tiles® support slates accept LEGO-type blocks; boards bought at toy stores accept Tack-Tiles® , yet differences exist. Tack-Tiles® slates are heavier and have receptor sites spaced like letters and lines of text. The receptors are rounded making placement of Tack-Tiles® easy even for many with fine and gross motor control problems. Tack-Tiles® may be pushed on with whatever force is available. There's really no problem with too much or too little. Their tendency is to stay put even when simply lain in place. Two hand tracking practice using the slates alone is comfortable -- like reading a large field of "for" signs."


Next: An image no more than three times the size of a postage stamp invites a click to blow it up to full screen showing an opened satchel-type plastic case spilling four large support slates and four small support slates. Two of the large slates are covered completely with TACK-TILES®. Some tiles are scattered around on their sides fronts and backs for effect. The image is surrounded by the text below:


TheTACK-TILES® Braille Systems Starter Sets all consist of 320 Tack-Tiles® , four large support slates (8 rows of twenty places), four smaller support slates (4 rows of 10 places), and a valise type carrying case. The 320 tiles represent every possible dot combination known to Braille and include a number of smooth surfaced Tack-Tiles®. The English, Spanish, German, and French sets include five of each of the sixty four possibilities. The math sets and the music sets contain as many as ten of the frequently needed tiles, and as few as one of the less often needed tiles. The price of a set of Tack-Tiles® Braille System does not vary at present.


Two new images were added in April, 1999. They are pictures of new products. One is called the Tack-Tiles® Keypad for IntelliKeys®. The other is called the Tack-Tiles® Braille Teaser. The Teaser is now in stock as is the The TACK-TILES® Braille Systems Keypad for IntelliKeys®. Immediately below are links to text descriptions of each.


Tack-Tiles® Computer Keypad for IntelliKeys®.


Tack-Tiles Braille Teaser.

A new item has been added. It's the TACK-TILES® Braille Systems Calendar kit. A link to a text description lies immediately below, followed by a link to a list of links to other interesting Braille sites.

TACK-TILES® Calendar kit

Braille links


Finally: Clickable text presents an opportunity to view a photograph of Kevin C. Murphy taken by Sherry Raynor of Blind Children's Fund in Lansing, MI, when I was at the 1996 convention of the California Transcribers and Educators of the Visually Handicapped in San Diego. No text -- the errant clicker will know punishment enough.


Kevin Murphy can be reached by e-mail at

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