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Tack-Tiles® Braille Systems are a sophisticated teaching tool for all ages based on LEGO®-type blocks. These Braille blocks provide a unique bridge, a smoother, shorter, more interesting path to Braille literacy. Now in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian literary Braille Code as well as Nemeth Braille Code for mathematics, Braille code for music notation, and computer Braille code. True to their nature, TACK-TILES® have shown themselves to be valuable tactile aids in several settings wherein of sensory stimulation, not vision, is the central issue to be addressed.



Click here to download a digital copy of our latest TACK-TILES® brochure in PDF format. This must be read using Adobe® Acrobat Reader® which is distributed free of charge. You may download a copy of the reader by clicking on the logo below -- then please be sure to return here to explore TACK-TILES® Braille Systems !


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The bundled Mac software (both template and graphics) to fit the Keypad to IntelliKeys® is available. Click here to download.

The Overlay template to fit the Keypad to IntelliKeys® is available for download. Click here for the WINDOWS® version.

Also for WINDOWS® users, the Overlay template of bitmapped graphic images of TACK-TILES® for use with the Keypad for IntelliKeys® is available for download. Click here.

A 41 piece magnetic support base set for TACK-TILES® is now in stock. Attach your TACK-TILES® to these and they'll attach to a refrigerator, filing cabinet, or cookie sheet. Letter, word and sentence bases are included. ($49.95 plus $7.50 S&H).

A link has been added to the TACK-TILE® Basics section of this page to the acT-Tivities pages.

The new TACK-TILES® Calendar Kit is available and in stock.



Visual code is printed on the front vertical surface. Tack-Tiles® Braille Systems are used with unique slates (four 5"x 7", a and four 10"x15"are included) to create words, sentences, paragraphs, games.

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The systems were designed by a parent desperate to create a path smooth enough for himself and his severely disabled son to travel.

Children, adults, seniors, student Braille instructors, professors, classroom teachers, siblings , classmates, and many others have already discovered Tack-tiles® Braille Systems to be an exceptional aid to learning, teaching, communicating, and recreation.

New products, the Tack-Tiles® Braille TEASER and the Tack-Tiles® (Computer ) KEYPAD for IntelliKeys® have been added to increase the power of your Tack-Tiles® Braille System.

Click here to access the acT-Tivities page, a listing of activities to get you started teaching and learning with TACK-TILES®.

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Click here for a view of our new TACK-TILES® Keypad

Click here for a view of our new Tack-Tiles® Braille Teaser




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